Prospective graduate students can find information about applying to Princeton below. Students at Princeton have the freedom to do research in any department, but they are encouraged to apply to the home department of particular faculty with whom they are interested in working.


Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



There are many opportunities for postdoctoral research in quantum science and engineering at Princeton. You are strongly encouraged to email specific groups for information. There are also a number of competitive postdoctoral fellowships at Princeton. A non-exhaustive list is below.

Princeton Materials Science Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dicke Fellowship


We are also co-hosting a program for undergraduate summer research in quantum science and engineering at Princeton together with IBM Yorktown Heights. The current year of the Quantum Undergraduate Research at IBM and Princeton (QURIP) is underway. We will post information on next year's application cycle when available. Information can be found here: