Condensed Matter Seminar - Interplay of correlations and topology in the narrow bands of twisted bilayer graphene" Oskar Vafek (Florida State University)

Quantum group meeting: Enabling Practical Quantum Computation: Compiler and Architecture Techniques for Bridging the Algorithms-to-Devices Resource Gap, Prakash Murali [Martonosi group]

QSS Seminar: "Nuclear spins in a semiconductor quantum dot: through the looking-glass, and what we found there," Mete Atature, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

QSS Seminar: Hot Topics

Thu, Jul 15, 2021, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

QURIP seminar: Quantum Computing as a Computing Systems Design Challenge, Margaret Martonosi (Princeton)

QSS Seminar: "Verification of Quantum Computation," Elham Kashefi, University of Edinburgh & Sorbonne Université Edinburg & Paris — Scotland & France

Long Range Colloquium: "Ultrafast control of magnetic interactions via light-driven phonons," Andrea Caviglia, Delft University of Technology

QURIP seminar: Correcting the decoherence errors of a logical qubit, Michel Devoret (Yale)

QSS Seminar: "Atom interferometry with ultra-cold alkaline-earth atoms for precision test of fundamental physics," Nicola Poli, LENS, Florence, Italy

QURIP seminar: Sensing and imaging with diamond spins, Ania Jayich (UCSB)

QSS Seminar: "Quantum computing in industry," Helmut Katzgraber, Quantum Solutions Lab, Amazon Web Services

Long Range Colloquium: "Topological Mechanics," Sebastian Huber, ETH, Zurich