Princeton Quantum Technology Conference

Oct 17, 2022, 8:30 amOct 18, 2022, 4:00 pm
Maeder Auditorium


Event Description

The Princeton Quantum Technology Conference (PQTC) aims to to bring together visionary speakers from disparate fields that are pushing the frontiers of quantum technology by seriously tackling challenges in quantum hardware and materials, system architecture and scaling, and error correction. The event structure will be designed to allow ample time for discussion and interaction, with the hope of catalyzing new ideas and collaborations.

This event is supported by the Princeton Quantum Initiative.

Event details

When: October 17-18, 2022

Location: Meader Hall, Princeton University


Barbara Fruhling ([email protected])

Jeff Thompson ([email protected])



Attendees must register here. The event is open to members of the quantum community at Princeton and invited visitors. If you are not in these groups but would like to attend, please contact the organizers directly.


Invited Speakers

Wes Campbell, UCLA
Lawrence Cheuk, Princeton
Christie Chiu, Princeton
Fred Chong, Chicago
Rodrigo Cortinas, Yale
Nathalie de Leon, Princeton
David Hayes, Quantinuum
Jonathan Home, ETH
Andrew Houck, Princeton
Ali Javadi-Abhari, IBM
Mikhail Lukin, Harvard
Chris Monroe, Duke, IonQ
Kang-Kuen Ni, Harvard
Jared Rovny, Princeton
Oskar Painter, Caltech
Shruti Puri, Yale
Rob Schoelkopf, Yale
Kate Smith, Chicago
John Teufel, NIST
Jeff Thompson, Princeton

+ a few more, to be confirmed


Monday, October 17        
8:30 Breakfast        
8:59 Introduction and Welcome      
9:00 Session I: Efficient QEC (Facilitator: Jeff Thompson)    
  Andrew Houck New qubits for heterogeneous superconducting quantum computing      
  Shruti Puri High-threshold cluster states by noise-steering.      
  Jonathan Home Approaches to scaling ion trap quantum computers      
10:10 Discussion        
10:30 Coffee Break        
11:00 Session II: Rising stars (Facilitator: Waseem Bakr)    
  Rodrigo Cortinas Coherent destruction of excited state tunneling to protect the Kerr-cat qubit
  Kate Smith Quantum Computer Scaling via Chiplet Architectures  
  Christie Chiu Engineering flat-band lattices with superconducting circuits      
  Jared Rovny Covariance magnetometry using two NV centers to probe spatiotemporal dynamics
12:30 Lunch, lab tours for visitors      
2:00 Session III: Architecture + QEC (Facilitator: Andrew Houck)  
  Fred Chong Resource-Efficient Quantum Computing by Breaking Abstractions      
  Chris Monroe Error Mitigation in Ion Trap Quantum Computer Systems      
  Jeff Thompson Neutral atom quantum computing with erasure-biased qubits
3:10 Discussion        
4:00 Poster session        
6:30 Dinner, by invitation (Mediterra, 29 Hulfish St.)    
Tuesday, October 18        
8:30 Breakfast        
9:00 Session IV: Building and using bigger systems (Facilitator: Nathalie de Leon)
  Ali Javadi-Abhari Scaling quantum computation by co-designing the software-hardware interface
  David Hayes Quantinuum's trapped-ion quantum computer      
  Mikhail Lukin Exploring new scientific frontiers using programmable atom arrays      
10:10 Discussion        
10:30 Coffee Break        
11:00 Session V: Emerging qubits (Facilitator: Lawrence Cheuk)  
  Wes Campbell New qubits, some of which you never knew you already had      
  Kang-Kuen Ni Arrays of individually controlled molecules for quantum science      
  Lawrence Cheuk On-Demand Entanglement of Molecules Trapped in a Reconfigurable Optical Tweezer Array
12:10 Discussion        
12:30 Lunch        
2:00 Section VI: Combatting noise and loss (Facilitator: Sarang Gopalakrishnan)
  Oskar Painter Quantum acoustodynamics and materials noise in solid-state quantum systems
  John Teufel Wiring Superconducting Qubits with RF Photonics      
  Nathalie de Leon New material systems for superconducting qubits      
3:10 Discussion        
4:00 Adjourn        
Jeff Thompson