Quantum Group Meetings

Quantum group meetings are an opportunity for students and postdocs to share their research. We meet around twice a month.

Date Presenter Paper
2/8/19 Peter Brown (Bakr Group) Probing dynamical properties of Fermi-Hubbard systems with a quantum gas microscope
3/1/19 Abhinav Prem (PCTS)

Fractons: A new playground for condensed matter physics

3/15/19 Pengning Chao  (Rodriguez group) Topological Photonic Crystal Slabs and Quantum Exceptional Points
3/29/19 Felix Borjans (Petta Group) Single-spin relaxation in a synthetic spin-orbit field
4/12/19 Zihuai Zhang  (de Leon Group)

New Color Centers in Diamond for Long-distance Quantum Networks

4/26/19 Chris Phenicie (Thompson Group)

Exploring new host materials for telecom wavelength spin qubits


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