Exit Information

Resignation Letter

If you are leaving before the end of your appointment, please send a resignation letter to pqicentral and your PI at least 30 days before your last day of work. The letter should include the reason of the resignation, name of new employer (if applicable), the last date of work, a forwarding mailing address, and a forwarding email address. We need enough time to process your last payroll to avoid salary/tax underpayment or overpayment.

Appointment Confirmation Letter

Your appointment confirmation letter (proof of employment) is available for download at HR Self Service within two weeks after your start date.

Exit Information Form

Please complete the Exit Information Form for our records.

Forwarding Address

It is IMPORTANT for us to have your forwarding mailing address and email address to forward your W-2 (if applicable) in February after your departure.

Keys, Transponder, Credit Card

  • Please return your key(s) to the Executive Office. Please note that there is a $25/key fee, if you do not return the key to us.
  • If you have a Princeton credit card, please return your Princeton credit card to the Executive Office or your faculty assistant.
  • If you have any electronic equipment (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) that needs to be returned, please contact your faculty assistant.

Mailbox, Desk, Office, Lab Space

  • Clear your desk, office, and lab space
  • Clear your mailbox

Absence Tracking

If you are a salaried employee, please finalize your Absence Tracking at HR Self Service. If your position is grant funded, you will not be compensated for any unused vacation time at the end of your appointment.

Personal website and e-mail

Your e-mail account will be deactivated 28 days after leaving the university. Messages will be forwarded to your personal email for a period of up to one year. Set up email forwarding and move files.


Please clear your mailbox before your departure. Important mail (not junk mail) will be forwarded to your new address for three (3) months. After three months, all mail will be returned to senders.