Student Support

The Quantum Science and Engineering department and the Graduate School offer a large network of services addressing concerns relating to health, inclusion, and student safety:

  • Physical and Mental Health: All grad students are enrolled in the Student Health Plan (SHP), which also covers counseling and mental health services. In addition, grad students have access to the gym and athletic facilities, as well as discounted exercise classes.
  • The Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Team offers institutional support for students from Historically Underrepresented Groups and the many campus organizations devoted to equality and justice. Affiliated Campus Centers include the Women’s Center, the Davis International Center, the LGBT Center, and the Carl Fields Center for Equality and Understanding.
  • Princeton’s Women in Physics group offers a space for women in the department to share their experiences, build community, and offer mutual support.
  • Women in Chemistry (WIC) – WIC’s mission is to provide a forum for the women graduate students, post-docs, staff, and faculty in the Princeton University Department of Chemistry to discuss the challenges unique to women in all stages of science-related careers. The group fosters a vibrant and strong community amongst the women of the Department. Its aim is to raise awareness of the historic and future states of gender relations and work-life balance in the global chemistry community.
  • Princeton Women in Computer Science (PWiCS) The mission of PWiCS is to encourage women interested in pursuing computer science. It plans regular events, partners up with outside companies for information sessions, workshops, and talks, and also plays an active role in community outreach. Princeton Women in Computer Science is open to all students. 
  • In the event of sexual harassment or assault, students can obtain confidential help from the SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education) Office.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

These volunteer, employee-led organizations are comprised of professionals from across the University who come together based on shared interests and/or identities. ERGs work to create a more inclusive environment and sense of belonging within the University while also remaining engaged with external communities. Employee Resource Groups (requires login)

Campus Organizations And University Centers

The Office of Graduate Student Life supports an array of student-focused centers and organizations to foster community among graduate students incorporating intellectual, cultural and social events, recreational outings and public service. University centers are campus wide organizations connecting students, administrators and faculty and include: